Saturday, December 18, 2010

Highlighting Very Short Hair

Incontro con la morte

Also this day is over as all other past in my little world in perfect repetition something new everyday even if there was a strange experience that would have upset my mood but we can only now when I look back and I can not understand the meaning of my strange behavior. Inspection every morning as I was looking to move my body become a little too tight and hard when the rain begins to fall slowly, the hair starts to get wet and slippery for my legs too weak, but unfortunately in the distance hunters in search of easy prey and weaknesses just like me, I do not know why but I started racing, trying to get away from them to avoid the worst but just when I wanted a safe place my feet sliding down the wrong path, my body is free from all I heard for the first time to lose control of everything and when I realized what was happening was approaching a cliff, it was the end but I was not afraid, no, no fear before death, the heart beat regularly, my breathing calm and relaxed as if I was in my den to rest, nothing wrong yet I was so close to death that any person in the world afraid he would fight to survive but not me, not this wolf without a soul and as often happens to those who feel dead, life embraces him and leads him to salvation if we may so call it, is because my body Stopped at a step from that precipice, banging on a wall of stones.
At that moment would have been obvious fear and anxiety to try what you have instead risked everything normal, no reaction and looking back I can not give a logical explanation for my reaction, many times I found myself in difficult situations and all my body reacted smoothly with anxiety, fear and adrenalin flowing in my blood, but not this time, I tried to explain this behavior but do not have a real answer may have already died in that fear no longer has meaning?, maybe I wanted accedesse? I do not know what the answer is that I only finished this day I will face another look at the world from the outside because this wolf has chosen not to keep more than one part. Lone Wolf


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