Thursday, August 5, 2010

Treatment For 8cm Renal Cyst On Kidney

The sky darkens to gray clouds and I do not know what to do.
I watch the rain falling on the ground, wet
everything that is beneath it. A bit 'of sadness comes inside me,
with everything I do not regret, I think of my love that's waiting for me,
while the rain continues to fall.
I watch the rain falling in front of me, reminds me of my childhood
outspoken and carefree.
Everything passes, the memories remain of a life lived, as the rain continues to fall.
is a ritual that is repeated thousands of years: On the mound seemed a sign of love,
(Rainbow): The clouds disappear, the sun shines,
warms the earth and loving hearts.


Stento hand on your head, your hair
fine silk, your eyes beautiful color
and the light of thy face
ch'illumini my silent love ,
as the quiet calm of the sea. You

small and fragile girl you stole my heart, and
my youth, but I know you!
Perhaps you've ever known.
With your wonderful light and bright, I caught myself as

a mermaid in the ocean depths.
You are my love, which is a dream come true
. I can hardly

hand slowly over your head, stroking your hair silky soft
gaze fixed in your blue eyes, and my
breaks silence to tell you a little '
more: I love you ...!


I saw you in the sea flushed from the August sun, I
appeared beautiful, charming, sweet
tanned to the color of chocolate, you were beautiful, really beautiful
that I stood speechless.
I approached you and me with a smile colpisti diabolical
beautiful moment I will never forget.
romantic evenings spent with you under the moonlight,
embraced by the sea.
Now that you're not near me I still feel the smell
and the drowsiness of your lips.
A tear falls from my face, but feelings do not fly away.
I'll be waiting eagerly in my arms:
You are my love Never gonna let.


On a rock to observe the movement of the waves,
My love on a boat with silent strokes dreamily
approaches to me that breaks the scorching heat of a day in August.
A dip in salt water, clear and sparkling, just us
suspended by the waves, I caressed your soft skin perfumed
the smell of the sea.
The sun sets and we just hugged on the beach waiting
calasse What to tell the night under the moonlight
romantic words.


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