Monday, August 16, 2010

Technik Extractor Fan


You are my only love I have loved,
and love for life.
I wish you come back as a return to my thoughts for you.
Love can not live without you, can not live like a flower. Without water

and a swallow to fly without wings.
How shall I do without your love? "I love you.
And I would like to come back to me.
I feel an emptiness inside of me, I would like this void that makes me suffer the
I filled you with your love I miss her so much.
Thinking of you I saw a shooting star, I made a wish, desire
What are you: Love back to me that my heart aches for you.
I love you.


my eyes in the dark stretch

gaze skyward to reach the most beautiful star of the universe
and give it to you, little flower of my heart.
His light that can illuminate your heart
to tell me all the love you feel for me.
The night keeps me prisoner in this dark room
without you as a jealous lover.
write the poem dedicated to you, the moon peeping through the window
read my lines and slowly leave the shadow
and if the door on.
In deep sleep the moon comes to your dream, you will
my poem dedicated you: Love
're the most beautiful star in the universe that can exist


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