Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sample Of Wedding Vote Of Thanks


Listen to your heart will not ever leave it, love it as not
you never loved, because
the strength of your heart will lift all obstacles,
raise a mountain that separates you with her.
Listen to your heart never disappoints,
will bring happiness in the world, crossing the sea and mountains.
Do not stop anyone because the strength of your heart
that takes you from your love.
Listen to your heartbeat, the vibrations of love In the air expand
love bringing you to your destination. Do not stand
react listen to your heart,
love is in the depths of your heart.
What brings you in a positive dimension.
One day I'll write a book of secrets and silence, to write and for all tea
those who have suffered for love.
will always love life more because the poet can fly between the infinite silences in the middle of the night
write words of our
love to have believed in a love full of passion and happiness
So write a story that we lived together
Now how am I without your love?
Your kisses you gave the seashore
tanned by the sun and hot in August?
I remain the memories of you will write about my book,
that one day someone will read it and remember me
I loved someone more than my life.


so I did not think that loneliness was so bitter.
In the middle of the night, look at the stars, I feel lost without
love my neighbor. Dark and scary night,
without the light of your eyes do not see my way. (To reach your heart).
darkness of the night I feel lonely, look around and see no one,
I see a falling star, that star is you ch'illumini our love.
is why I am afraid of loneliness, that I am alone,
even my shadow looked at me with contempt because they are only


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