Tuesday, January 4, 2011

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Non c'è spazio per nessun altra

The new moon has not brought anything new with you, my situation is the same live in my den and in my own little territory as I have always wanted since I lost my queen and now that I know will never come back, I want to continue to live this way, only to wake up and see the world through my eyes looking lonely to find something positive to keep on hoping.
Today when I checked the area in search of food to survive I've heard for the first time in a long time the smell of my kind, the smell of a wolf was perhaps another young man in search of his pack and following my smell came from here, I started to follow the trail I knew that was not my queen its smell was different and I have known a thousand wolves, but while attending the track I noticed the presence This wolf hiding behind a bush, frightened looking approach with my eyes, I knew it would send all messages to search for a possible contact with me, in nature a solitary male who meets a female looking for a way to create their own flock, but it is not my case, I do not want nobody in my area that is not my queen.
She tried to get close to submission but my behavior was not friendly, my posture was stiff and a growl started from my mouth without thinking and my aggressiveness has increased I have not respected the rules for the first time, and the female wolf did not understand, seemed surprised by my signs, in our case we sono dei segnali che servono a comunicare in modo corretto per evitare le sfide, io invece no, non volevo nessuna comunicazione, avevo bisogno di solitudine e lei aveva bisogno di un lupo alpha con la voglia di crearsi un branco, questo è il mio territorio e nessun altra lupa potrà mai entrarci ora e nemmeno in futuro, ecco perchè l'ho cacciata, io la mia regina l'ho trovata e se non ci sarà lei preferisco restare da solo.
Cosi me ne sono tornato nella mia tana a riposare e deluso che quella lupa non era la mia regina, devo ammettere che un pò ci speravo ma sapevo che non sarebbe tornata, ora torno alla mia vita solitaria e spero che nessun altro provi ad entrare nel mio mondo.

Lone Wolf


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