Sunday, October 17, 2010

Can I Run Simcity 4 From My Hard Disk

Man as a turtle

Have you ever thought how fragile it can be a person?
Although one can make efforts to appear strong and confident,
will always have a small part inside that tells him (and remember)
his true nature. Of course life does not help in this, because the "shell" in where you would feel much safer when you're with others will inevitably and relentlessly attacked by the events, which will lead to a collapse.
One of the purposes for myself is to try to remove the shell
a bit at a time, so as not to have to strengthen it every time for any reason you crack, but rather harden my true essence so they can get direct blows and no longer feel the negative effect.
Well, obviously I know it's something that I could bring up cynical and ruthless, but the distinction lies in having a heart that somehow manages to counter the hardness of the essence.
life, people, events, difficulties add sempre un graffio al così detto guscio,
sta a noi gettarlo via e usare quelle ferite per essere più forti ed andare avanti con più grinta


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