Thursday, April 29, 2010

Unblock Farmville Posts

Il clandestino e mio figlio.

My son was looking for work. Even a temporary job as a waiter in the premises of the capital. In response to the tenders on various newspaper ad went on to do interviews for recruitment. Many interviews. All with the same outcome. There is no mention of hiring permanent Demp, even after a substantial trial period. And walk, he thought, so is temporary ...
Then, passing to the "compensation" is coming to the point: from 700 to 900 euro per month, depending on the time, gross and "blacks. He tried to say that there were very few. The answer, UNANIMOUS, was: "O you okay or take a clandestiono. They are content with half ..." Conclusion
, logical and immediate, to be disseminated to all our children: the law on the secrecy that has become a crime you are stealing the future!


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