Friday, April 16, 2010

Artiste Scott Kay Engagement


Your eyes, your mouth and your smile piercing eyes that opened my heart, from a time
closed by a reason that made her suffer for a lifetime.
E 'was only your word to make me understand not: do not hate you do not despise you
why I love you that you are sincere.
It appeared as a Venus in front of my eyes for a moment I thought
your smile, but all vanished into thin air.
Only a memory remains of you that holds in my thoughts, all my life.
Hope whispers from your lips.
Who knows if one day we meet again ... you
and vanished.



love my close gl 'eyes for a moment as
dive in the waves of the sea naked
I dressed in white,
the most beautiful dream you welcome ..
In your dream, do not forget me,
I'll always be beside you.
In sleep you'll find me waiting by the sea,
Under the moonlight and watch the waves to flourish,
Naked, I dressed in the black veil of night,
will welcome the most beautiful dream ...
in my arms.


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