Thursday, June 28, 2007

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Once again one is disappointed, it seemed you wanted to open a new era would laugh life to the true values \u200b\u200bof a society as OLIMPIAMILANO, those hard-earned and earned over the years and that a leadership that assume the burden and honor to lead such a society should be to preserve as Mast. And instead we're here for one more year to deal with a leadership that cares more for preserving their positions of power without tilted in favor of a raise corporate value and pure team, which could only bode well for the future what should be one thing and not two separate entities as it seems we will outline the management current.
I can not believe that we can give up an opportunity like that to have a coach on the bench as Scariolo with everything positive, beyond its undeniable technical skills, which carry only a matter of money. The reality is that a coach of this caliber, need a company behind it has the intelligence to know that giving him the right to accept the operating space, at no cost to resize and reshape the corporate aspect in favor of a much more complex and serious it is impossible to expect the arrival of a coach of this type may not require a full commitment to corporate, we're not talking about Lino Lardo mica or Sahs, with the utmost respect per entrambi. Scariolo arriva da una realtà ai vertici Europei, da una FinalFour disputata, come si può solo pensare che si possa piegare/affidare alle scelte di GM che finora non ne ha indovinata una. E' logico che possa chiedere una squadra in grado di dargli da subito la possibilità di mantenere la sua credibilità a livello Europeo.
E così si ripiega su di un coach che, sì ha dimostrato ottimo valore assoluto, ma che dalla sua ha la peculiarità di adattarsi alle scelte societarie e quindi di fare il gioco che il Gatto e la Volpe vogliono ed hanno fatto sinora.


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