Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Para Que Sierve El Viavox

STAGIONE Finita......4 Conti

Stagione finita, tempo di fare quattro conti.....
Certo che con la squadra che avevamo you could do something more, at least reach the final, then maybe against an MPS so little could be expected but ... if we were more likely team from the beginning there was even a gap so heavy.
E 'and it was quite evident throughout the season that something was not working in the group, because the individuals were and are pretty indisputable, even if some elements such as Schultze who was waiting for them ... so certain that the article published a few days ago about "Gazza" showing a long interview with Dante Calabria and some of our personal knowledge within the team, gave only confirms the suspicions that they could have. It seems that none of the entourage technician has ever bothered to solve this problem of internal division and little understanding, which, in my opinion, is the first task of the coach before the technical. Perhaps a change in the bridge is what it takes, it is beyond any doubt that you have highlighted certain shortcomings, particularly in the semis, we were clearly the strongest but we were beaten and here the fault, sorry to say, is largely of those who must to run the team or better than those who failed to turn it all year.
Grand Champion Sasha, but coach too immature to be able to claim to manage a team with certain ambitions. Fortunately
came the Euroleague, so much grace!
Now let 's see what we can combine the "Cat and the Fox," because we are still destined to be content with their choices "techniques" for next year.
.....!!! HOPE

Of course those who died lived .... hoping .....


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