Friday, February 18, 2011

Replace A Truck Box Lock

Pioggia o Lacrime

My face wet for too long now no longer recognizes that if the flowers are tears of pain or falling rain to cleanse the land of my fingerprint, every day that goes by the emptiness inside grows and the desire to return to run free as time vanishes. Some people think that in life there is a well established path where you are born, we grow and eventually dies giving the earth what we took during our presence, I believe that this relates only to the material part of a wolf, his body grows, changes, aging, and then later becomes food for other life forms, but I understand that you can die well before the body, and this happens when the soul is pierced by a sharp blade that penetrates all its strength, leaving a wound that bleeds to death every day inner death that hurts more than anything that makes you think of the earthly death as a liberation from this pain that accompanies you every day.
are months now that I live in this state of absolute pain and no other wolf, no form of life can become interesting to me now extinct, there are things that will never change, and there are wounds that can not heal and you are forced to live with their pain every day of your existence until the blessed release.

Lone Wolf


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