Monday, June 14, 2010

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Scontenti tutti

Last night I had a beautiful dream. The show of discontent. Millions of people in the streets, each with its "discontent" advertised in a cartel, which paraded in an endless procession. Meanwhile, everyone realized that this was not the only problem, but overall there was the problem and, therefore, we must be together to solve. There were the flags of all parties and all movements. Dominated those of peace.
Now, after the first cup of coffee, while still smiling at I remember, I think that this should be the solution. Because the information down the details, while the policy should bring out the collection. Get out, namely, what is, after all, even in a divide and conquer "disgrace" and understand that perhaps everyone could bring so many "signs". One for work that re-turns to slavery, a school for the dying, one for the children and grandchildren have no future, for a culture stifled ....


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