Friday, May 14, 2010

How To Make The Ps3 Guitar Connects To The Dongle


guard and hear me, tap and hold for me.
Loving you is my life.
Living next to you in hard every time in every moment,
important is to live, love and protect you like, a mother who protects
your child.
look in your eyes that glittered like two candles lit
my heart, to love and adore you for life.
're the melting of energy that fuels my existence,
the will to live and strength to love,
I look at your body, every part of you expressed a love poem,
every vote you give me emotions that I love you , because only you know
draw out from my body shiver of sweet agony.
I want you at all times in every moment because I need you,
I feel bad when you're not near me.


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