Wednesday, March 24, 2010

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The strange love and you can not tie him with chains.
feelings fly away, the memories remain
feelings of love and regret.
The love and joy and pain that breaks your heart.
Love and strange it makes you enjoy and makes you die,
strange and life is strange feelings.
strange that you're playing with people's feelings,
strange is life.

I walked on water,
To reach my love waiting for me On the other side of the sea,
for a moment I thought of drowning in the deep waters.
My heart with fear for a moment was stopped and I thought immediately
San Francesco di Paola, who with his cloak to the Strait of Messina
, so went back to the beat of my heart.
I reached my love waiting for me on the other side
embraces open sea, I clung to her, and without hesitation gave him a kiss.

was a beautiful girl with long hair color blonde swayed looked like an angel, but suddenly in the middle of the night

I woke up and realized that it was all a dream.
since that day I never stopped loving it and thinking,
always carry with me in my mind for a lifetime.



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