Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hd Loader 3.8c Gratis

Today, my thoughts turned to you and Mom,

with your tenderness and a few more wrinkles

are always the best.

Words midicevi preserved in my heart

What are your words of love for my mother,

that you have given me all the attention of the world

of me grew up without me miss anything

sometimes even when you were indificoltà

you bereft you something to give it to me.

Today I would like my eyes saw thee as before, but

not: This time no one can camp.

Today my tears fall to the ground evaporates in the sky

turning into a rose in May: For you mom

You are always the most bella.Un sunbeam enters your window ajar

Brighten your curls and a Griggi small

you smile emerges on his face furrowed by a life suffered .

Tu Mama you can not rejoice in the dawn song of the nightingale

garden and the sunset, but I'll be there beside you and will be for you the dawn

L’usignolo e il tramont o.


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