Monday, June 5, 2006

Essey About Cameras At School


's over the troubled season quest'Olimpia than ever convinced us to the end and it showed that even in the playoffs was during the regular season. A team that started with high expectations but never really took off in a concrete way. Change my bench, cuts, inserts, and no grafts have fallen short of expectations. And so ended the season exactly the same position it had begun when the various cuts are healed. The
doubt that the leadership has not done a job worthy of a society like the Olympia is concrete.
E 'controversy now open to senior management, some groups do you think fans are even collecting signatures on a petition to exempt the current GM Gino Natali, is that you can not blame him.
In the meantime we must prepare for the next season in the best possible way.

Ok, we have fallen heavily, and even now it is time to bring out the character and stand up, to show that Milan is Italy's basketball and not just to participate.


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